Tank Inspections

Potable Water Tank Inspections

The experienced team at ROV Services Australia is regularly called upon to undertake water tank inspections. As with all potable water inspections, health, safety, and water quality are paramount. Before undertaking any potable water inspection, our ROV is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to mitigate any risk of contamination.

Close Visual Tank Inspection

With a live high definition (1080p) video stream and onboard 4K camera capabilities, you can be assured of a thorough and close visual inspection to detect contamination, corrosion, cracks, and sediment levels. We can attach specialist equipment to the ROV for sampling.

Fire-Water Storage Tank Inspections

Regular inspections of fire-water storage tanks are mandatory across Australia. ROV Services Australia works with building and facilities managers to conduct firewater storage tank inspections across Adelaide and South Australia. All our reviews follow AS1851 and include high-definition live video and onboard 4K camera footage of all internal tank components.

Fast & Affordable Tank Inspections

For your convenience, we can dispatch our ROV within 24 hours of your call, and most inspections can be completed in one day, depending on the size and remoteness of the tank(s). There is no need to drain your tank or remove it from service for inspection purposes. All inspections include a detailed written report, high-definition live video feed, and a 4K onboard camera to ensure you have complete records for compliance purposes.