Ship Inspections

ROV Ship Inspections:
Safe, Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution

Quick, Easy, Safe Inspections: ROV Services Australia offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional diving for regular hull inspections using cutting-edge ROV technology.

Real-Time Insights: View your vessel’s hull condition instantly without divers. High-definition (1080p) live video feed and powerful 4K camera provide immediate underwater views, reducing costs and boosting safety.

Expert Hull Inspections: Our highly skilled ROV operators are experienced ship and hull inspectors with over 200 Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) for DNV-GL, BV, ABS, and Lloyds. We expertly locate and assess any hull damage.

Detailed Reports & Professional Advice: We don’t just find problems, we solve them. Get a detailed report customized to your needs after each inspection, including high-definition (1080p) and 4K video files.

Unparalleled Security Clearance: Our team has full maritime security clearance to inspect all vessels: naval vessels, cruise ships, tankers, trawlers, bulk carriers, private yachts, and houseboats. Inspections at sea, harbor, berth, or private moorings are all possible.

Comprehensive & Professional: Inspections include comprehensive reporting and professional advice. Our team works with you to understand your needs and provide actionable recommendations for any issues.

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