Pipeline Inspections

ROV Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline inspections are a core part of our business. Our team will inspect all categories of pipework, including subsea oil and gas pipelines, potable water pipes, reservoir pipes, and desalination pipes.

ROV inspections are particularly suited to pipelines as they eliminate the risk of using personnel in hazardous confined spaces. Our ROV is highly portable, has six degrees of freedom, bright LED lighting (total 6000 lumens), high definition (1080p) live video feed, and an onboard 4K camera so we can deliver detailed asset assessments.   

Regular Pipeline Inspections & Troubleshooting

We can provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective pipeline inspection services as a local business.  From regular maintenance inspections to structural integrity checks or troubleshooting blockages, leaks, damage, or corrosion, our team have got all the skills and equipment to meet your inspection requirements. Our heavy configuration ROV is ideally suited to examine both internal and external surfaces of pipelines along with valves and outlets to ensure you get a full and clear picture of the condition of your assets.