Maritime Heritage Surveys

Preserving Our Maritime History: ROV Services Australia & Underwater Cultural Heritage Surveys

ROV Services Australia is a leader in using Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology for maritime heritage surveys. We understand the importance of safeguarding our underwater cultural heritage, which includes shipwrecks and submerged archaeological sites. This rich underwater landscape holds invaluable information about our past, and ROV technology provides a safe and efficient way to explore and document this irreplaceable heritage.

Cost-Effective and Safe Site Monitoring: Minimising Risk and Optimising Resources

Our ROVs provide a cost-effective and safe solution for monitoring underwater cultural heritage sites. Compared to traditional diving methods, ROVs eliminate the need for dive teams, significantly reducing inspection risks and associated costs. This allows for more frequent monitoring of these sensitive sites, providing valuable data for ongoing conservation efforts.

Strict Adherence to Cultural Heritage Regulations: Ensuring Responsible Practices

All our site surveys and inspections strictly adhere to the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act 2018 and relevant Australian state and territory cultural heritage legislation. This ensures that all underwater cultural heritage assessments and surveys are conducted with the utmost respect, following established best practices and minimising any potential impact on the sites.

Detailed Assessments and Survey Reports: Comprehensive Data for Informed Decisions

The ROV Services Australia team is equipped to provide comprehensive underwater cultural heritage assessments and detailed survey reports. These reports encompass a wealth of valuable information:

  • In-depth Analysis: High-Resolution Data for Thorough Evaluation

Our ROVs capture high-resolution 4K imagery and produce detailed 3D site models. This allows for a thorough evaluation of the underwater cultural heritage site, its features (including artefacts, structures, and surrounding environment), and any potential threats to its preservation.

  • Site Feature Documentation: Meticulous Recording for Future Generations

We meticulously document all significant features of the underwater cultural heritage site, providing essential data for archaeologists, historians, and cultural heritage management agencies. This detailed record is crucial for understanding the site’s history, significance, and ongoing conservation needs.

  • Environment Assessment: Understanding the Bigger Picture for Effective Conservation

A crucial aspect of our surveys is assessing the underwater environment surrounding the cultural heritage site. This data helps us understand potential threats like erosion, pollution, or invasive species. By understanding the environment, we can develop effective conservation strategies to protect these irreplaceable sites for future generations.

Deep Wreck Inspection Services: Extending Our Reach to Previously Uncharted Depths

Advancements in diving technology have enabled recreational divers to explore deeper depths, discovering numerous deep-water shipwrecks. These deep-water wrecks often need proper cultural heritage management. ROV Services Australia is here to help. We provide safe and efficient inspection services for these sensitive underwater cultural heritage assets, regardless of depth.

A Team with Expertise: Qualified Professionals Leading the Way

Our underwater cultural heritage assessments and surveys are conducted by a qualified maritime archaeologist, James Parkinson. James has over 25 years of experience working in the Australian marine heritage sector, bringing knowledge and expertise to every project. His dedication to preserving our underwater history ensures that all assessments and surveys are conducted with the utmost care and scientific rigour.

Partnering with ROV Services Australia for Your Underwater Cultural Heritage Needs

You gain a trusted partner dedicated to preserving our maritime heritage by choosing ROV Services Australia. Our cost-effective, safe, and comprehensive approach ensures detailed assessments and insightful data collection, empowering informed decision-making to protect these irreplaceable underwater treasures. We can safeguard our maritime history for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific underwater cultural heritage survey needs and explore how ROV technology can help preserve our maritime history.