Maritime Heritage Surveys

Maritime Heritage Surveys

Using an ROV lowers site monitoring inspection costs whilst reducing inspection risk by alleviating the need for dive teams.  All site surveys and inspections follow the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act 2018 and relevant Australian state and territory cultural heritage legislation.  The ROV Services Australia team can provide detailed underwater cultural heritage assessments and survey reports on underwater cultural heritage sites, site features, and site environment, along with the capacity to collect 4K imagery and produce 3D site models.

Deep Wreck Inspections

With advancements in diving technology allowing recreational divers to dive deeper depths, a significant number of shipwrecks around Australia are being located beyond the capacity of Government authorities to inspect. As these sites require cultural heritage management, the ROV Services Australia team can provide safe and efficient inspection services of these sensitive underwater cultural heritage assets.

Qualified and Experienced

A qualified maritime archaeologist conducts all ROV Services Australia underwater cultural heritage assessments and surveys. With 25 years of working in the maritime heritage sector throughout Australia, James Parkinson brings tremendous experience to every underwater cultural heritage assessment and survey.