Customs & Biosecurity

ROV Customs Checks

ROV Services Australia is ideally positioned to rapidly deploy to key commercial shipping sites across Australia. Our ROV inspection team is proud to work with Customs and Border Security to inspect vessel hulls to check for suspicious objects and contraband materials.  With high payload capabilities, our ROV can be equipped with a gripper to recover items.



ROV Biosecurity Investigations

With a background in marine science, you can rely on our skilled ROV team to examine the hull of a vessel for invasive aquatic species (IMS) that may threaten biodiversity.  A large or small vessel, our team has the equipment and skills to conduct detailed examinations to locate and identify any potentially dangerous marine or aquatic life.



24/7 Availability

As a local team with a 24/7 emergency call-out, you can depend on ROV Services Australia to be available and on-site at short notice to support front-line operations.  Please get in touch to learn more about our customs and biosecurity services.